What started a couple of years ago with me questioning students about the missing voices in PR history and continued with one of them wanting to focus their thesis on women telling their stories about getting in or out of PR, ended up with a podcast.

Women in PR released its first episode on SoundCloud on Thursday, October 24, together with the teaser/pilot episode explaining the idea of the podcast and how I got here.

And it is humbling. It is humbling to see it produced and happening in this form. It is humbling to see it supported – by the wonderful team at Professional Podcasts and at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences – and the guests who joined me for the first series.

I hope you’ll be tuning in (and if you find it worth it, share it). To me it’s a form of research with a different sort of release and analysis, where the data is shared first and the lessons learned and the methodology and all the academic writing following after.

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