Conference talks


  • Strategic Communication Conference, University of Johannesburg, South Africa – Industry-Academia panel discussion with Prof Rene Benecke, Sylvester Chauke,  Prof Lida Holtzhausen,
    Moliehi Molekoa, Andre Oberholzer, Thabisile Phumo, and Sibanye Stilwater
    Oscar Tshifure – Head of Public Affairs |Razor PR, PRISA president-
  • Adi, A., Anton, A., Beneke, R.S, Ravazzani, S. & Sherif, V. (2023) Navigating collaborative, co-creative, international, multi-lingual studies – a reflective panel on working, organizing, ownership and authorship. BledCom, Bled, Slovenia.
  • Adi, A & Stoeckle, T. (2023) Can PR Solve Wicked Problems?
  • Adi, A., Fechner, R. & Seidenglanz, R. (2023) Quo Vadis Communication? Results of a Survey Among Young German PR/Communications Practitioners. BledCom, Bled, Slovenia.


  • Adi, A. & Stoeckle, T. (2021) Future of Communications and Public Relations (PR). (Re)Imagining the Role, Function and Purpose of the Communication Profession. Panel Chairs. BledCom 2021. Panelists: Jim Macnamara, University of Technology Sydney (Australia), Irma Meyer, Executive Engagements (South Africa), Dalien Benecke, University of Johannesburg (South Africa), Dean Kruckeberg, University of North Carolina (USA) and Marina Vujnovic, Monmouth University (USA).



  • Adi, A. (November 2018) Digital Stories of corporate volunteering and their role for internal communication and employer branding.Paper presented at the 7th European Communication Conference. Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Adi, A. (July 2018) PR measurement & evaluation: the compass to navigate a VUCA (volatile / uncertain / complex / ambiguous) world“ and providing users with the skills to use it. Panel moderator. BledCom: A World in Crisis: The Role of Public Relations. Lake Bled, Slovenia, July 5-7.
  • Adi, A. (July 2018) PR Memes and communicators’ perceptions and reflections of PR. Paper presented at BledCom: A World in Crisis: The Role of Public Relations. Lake Bled, Slovenia, July 5-7.
  • Adi, A. (May 2018) Public Relations Practitioners’ Self-Perceptions: Activism as an Inexistent Concept. Paper presented at the ICA 2018 Conference. Prague, Czech Republic, May 28.
  • Lwin, M. O., Adi, A., Macnamara, J., Tench, R., Moreno, A., & Zerfass, A. (May 2018). Missed Opportunities? The Rise of Social Media and the Lack of Dialogic Competencies Across Three Continents. Paper presented at the ICA 2018 Preconference Diverse Voices: Authentic Communication, Dialogue, Trust, and Society. Prague, Czech Republic, May 24.
  • Adi, A. & Ioan, A. (January 2018) Rezist (Anti-)Corruption in Romania 2017. Rumanische Kulturtagen. Friedrich-Schiller Universitat Jena, January 31.









  • Adi, A. (November 2008) 3D Online Reputation. Social, personal and corporate reputation on Netlog, Presented at ICT Lyon 2008, Lyon, France.
  • Miah, A., Adi, A., Garcia, B., Krug, K., Scales, R., Whannel, G., and Zhuihui, T. (August 2008) Panel Debate: New Media at the Beijing Olympic Games. Panel Debate presented at the Pathways: Critiques and Discourse in Olympic Research“ Ninth International Symposium for Olympic Research, Beijing, China.
  • Adi, A. (July 2008) (New!) Media and the Olympic Movement, International Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece.
  • Adi, A. and Miah, A. (June 2008) Framing Beijing’s Olympic Bid: Human Rights Advocacy Groups and International Media. Changes and Challenges. China Media Today, London, UK.
  • Adi, A. (March 2008) Framing China’s Olympic Games. National Olympic Academy. London, UK.

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