Women in PR book (free download)


At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic when women’s research outputs
dwindled (Fazackerley, 2020) and many practitioners’ levels of pressure
and stress increased due to a higher demand for communication services
coinciding with the reduced access to support services including childcare,
this book aims to reflect on the progress made so far and contribute to
keeping the discussion going.

Moreover, at a time of such confinement, this book celebrates the
diversity (of origin, practice, language, thinking) through the diversity of our contributors and the unity that technology provides: 16 chapters, 4 continents, more than 10 countries.

A wonderful collaboration with Dr Edna Ayme-Yahil with contributions from from Melike Aktaş, Quadriga alumna Jenifer Boughey, Amelia Reigstad, Liz Yeomans, Talia Beckett Davis, Amanda Holdsworth, Carolina A. Carbone and Luz Canella Tsuji, Begüm Ekmekçigil Türkmen, Sia Papageorgiou, Ramona Slusarczyk and Amal Dib, Sian Rees, Zora Artis, Kerry Sheehan, Amanda Coleman, Mike Klein, Raffaela Gmeiner and Olga Kolokytha on feminization of PR, feminism and the profession, AI in PR, empathy and humanity in crisis comms, ethics, diversity, post-COVID19 practice, pay gap, glass ceiling and more.

Get the book here and visit the Women in PR podcast for additional inspiration and food for thought.

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