Professional Publications

Adi, A. (2023) ITL #539 PR and Comms: should they have social impact and social value? IPRA Thought Leadership Essays.

Adi, A., & Stoeckle, T. (February 2023) Facilitator, not mouthpiece – the future of PR in wicked times. Global Alliance.

Seidenglanz, R., Adi, A., & Fechner, R. (October 2022) PR-Nachwuchs in Zielkonflikten gefangen. KOM: Magazin fur Kommunikation.

Adi, A. & Stoeckle, T. (August 2021) The Future of PR isn’t what it used to be. Institute for Public Relations.

Adi, A. (2019) The future of PR? As measurement remains an afterthought, it threatens the legitimacy of the profession. IN (AMEC) Demonstrating the Value of Communication| Part III – Evolving Communication Measurement.

Adi, A. (2019) Dissens-PR. Was Kommunikatoren von Aktivisten lernen konnen. Pressesprecher.

Adi, A. (2019) AI and the future of PR. Interview with Inpuncto.

Adi, A. (2019) Too much trust? Communication Director Magazine.

Adi, A. (2019) Measurement and Evaluation Remain a Challenge for PR: According to PR2025 Delphi Study. IPR.

Adi, A. (2018) In VUCA we fear, in data we trust. Communication Director Magazine.

Adi, A. (2018) Measurement week: How to evaluate VR and AR. PRNews.

Adi, A. (2018) How to evaluate virtual reality and augmented reality. Intitute for Public Relations.

Adi, A. and Crisan, C. (2018) Corporate Volunteering Evaluation: A Toolkit Featuring Digital Storytelling. Institute for Public Relations.

Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G. (2017) Romania`s resistance. The World Today, the Chatham House magazine

Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G. (2017) Five Lessons in Effective Communication from the #Rezist Romanian Protests. Institute for PR.

Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G. (2017) Reflections on the Romanian #rezist protests and the EACD Manifesto against fake news. European Association of Communication Directors blog.

Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G. (2017) The postmodern PR practitioner: activist and communicator. Communication Director Magazine.

Adi, A., & Macnamara, J. (2017). The priority is digital and social – but practitioners lack skills in new techniques. Insights from the second Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor.Communication Director – Asia-Pacific Edition, 13(4), 44-48.

Adi, A., & Macnamara, J. (2016). The present and future of strategic communication in Asia Pacific. Communication Director – Asia-Pacific Edition, 11(1), 12-17.

Adi, A., & Crisan, C. (December 2015) “And then a hero comes along…” Empowerment storytelling and its powerful brand impact.Communication Director.

Adi, A. & Lilleker, D. (2012) Getting the message out: Social media daily activity plan.

Adi, A. (2012) The Best Games Ever. Arete: IOAPA Newsletter.

Adi, A. (2012) Beijing: when humanitarian issues and Olympic values collide.

Adi, A. (2009) Olympic Humanitarianism. IOAPA Newsletter.

Miah, A., & Adi, A. (2009) Centre of the Online Universe ‘Liverpool08′ European Capital of Culture.

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