PR2025 – future-proofing PR/Comms (free download)


During November 2018 and March 2019 I have been running a Delphi method study investigating the trends, competences, solutions and responsibilities for development for development for PR/Comms in the mid-term.

It started off as a discussion and debate about communicators are ready for a tech-driven future (whether they would work with artificial intelligence or they, like many others, would join the list of jobs to be extinct – good news here, no, we won’t be taken over by robots, not yet!).

It also started from an observation that communicators feel they need more technical and business/managerial skills but instead, they are offered communication specific training.

So, PR2025 as a study aimed to complement the thinking and research out there about the profession but also wanted to bridge the gap between the future generations of practitioners and those already in the profession and certainly not planning to retire soon.

The Delphi method study is suitable for this sort of quest, where the path is not yet trodden and an expert consensus is sought.

Check out the infographic below for an overview of the results, download the full report from here and do get in touch if you have questions, comments or suggestions!

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