New Publication: Stories, Heroes and Commercials


A new article on digital storytelling and empowerment marketing and their application to corporate communication, about it public relations and corporate social responsibility has been recently published in the Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy Journal.

Co-authored with Dr Camelia Crisan and Razvan Constantin Dinca, viagra sale and the result of a conference paper presented in 2015 in Bucharest, approved  the article evaluates four stories:

  • HSBC NOW’s – Standing Out in a ‘Mans’s World’, about New York-based Katia Bouazza, Head of Capital Financing for Latin America at HSBC;
  • HSBC NOW’s – A Woman’s world, about Naina Lai Kidwai, Chairman of HSBC India;
  • P&G’s Always #likeagirl kick off campaign and,
  • P&G’s Always #likeagirl sequel campaign video, Unstoppable

All four videos focus on women and empowerment. Our analysis however focuses mainly on the position of the brand within the story and the brand’s role in relationship to the protagonist proposed. In doing so, our comparison employs Sachs’ (2012) Hero’s Journey concept.

The full paper is available on the Journal website (see link above) and my profile.

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