Keynote – DICID 9th Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue

During the past days I had the honor to offer the keynote address opening the thematic part of the 9th Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue organized by the Doha International Centre for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) and sponsored by the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has been an event that I have been waiting to happen for a long time partly because it consisted of my first keynote address, troche partly because of the interesting and complex theme of interfaith dialogue and social media and partly because my participation in this even is a direct result of my EUPRERA award obtained this year.

Although I have attempted to livestream and record the speech, technology has failed me this time. The livestreaming was transmitted and recorded with no sound and as of now I have only the video tape of the official film from the conference.

However, leaving the technology challenges aside, I am happy that my talk resonated with the audience and managed to intuitively address many of the points that the speakers that followed addressed in their presentations.  I have attempted to make 3 points:

  1. that technolgy, and social media included, are not inherently good or bad
  2. that online and on social media representatives of opposing movements coexist
  3. that success (as in communication and engagement) relies on strategy, vision, transparency, authenticity but mostly on having clear goals, plenty of practice and accepting a relativist view of communication and truth.
References to these points were made during the conference, some of the participants offering their own experiences – in conflict resolution, interfaith communication, community building – to support those points. While positive stories about how social media enhanced communication and enabled dialogue were provided, calls to more dialogue, more personal conversations and to collaborations were made.
In a sense, the conference and its message have been inspiring and seeing theologians, academics and activists in a dynamic dialogue about how they could work together while address their differences  (cultural, religious and linguistic) was unique. What would be interesting is to see how much of the messages and the talks that took place during the past days in Doha will lead to action and collaboration.
Thank you DICID and the team for inviting me and giving me this wonderful opportunity!



  1. Hi Ana,

    This is sayed mohamed, one of your students in polytechnic..

    It seem to me of the post, includes the picture, that the conference is a great opportunity to have in life.
    I am happy to you have such this experience and I am sure you are a valuable source in your proffissional field,

    Best regards

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