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Yesterday (October 19, illness 2011) I had the pleasure to join live but virtually 45 students very interested in communication, for sale public relations, events management, advertising and social media. They were attending their weekly Public Relations Seminar Series organized by Geert Van den Eijnden at Lessius Mechelen in Belgium while I was in a meeting room in Bahrain.

Although I have previously given talks (most about social media and communication) at the same institution, they were never fully online. (My first talk at Lessius Mechelen, then still called KHM, we used TokBox for the first hour and told students I was in London just to join them during the second hour in classroom and give them a huge starle 😉 ). This time however, due to the huge distance between us and the clash in schedules, we have decided to fully move the meeting online and in order to do that but avoid as many technical challenges as we could, we settled to WebEx. We tested the platform twice before we met with the students and I have to say I am quite pleased with how smootly things worked.

Since I wasn’t in the room the students had two options to interact with me: either by asking me questions directly as we were connected live and with video or tweet me using the class hashtag #pr_webinar.

It’s been a great experience and I’ll do it again especially when the combination of screensharing, live video and tweeting as a back channel is available.

Thank you, Geert! Thank you Lessius Mechelen! and a big thanks to all the students who attended.

By the way here are some very nice remarks I have received:

@LailaDeRycker: #pr_webinar with @ana_adi was a special one! We should do this more often, via webcam. 🙂

@depieterT: @ana_adi(…) absolutely a great seminar. Nice presentation! #pr_webinar

– Thanks @ana_adi for sharing some of your insights #pr_webinar

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  1. Inspiring, witty and warm! Ana, the pleasure was all ours. Thanks!

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