Bu Festival of Learning

Third Sector Skills: Visual Communication @ BU’s Festival of Learning

  The 13th of June in Bournemouth University’s calendar of theFestival of Learning was dedicated to visual communication. Aimed mainly at people working within the third sector the workshop which my colleague Anna Feigenbaum and I ran challenged participants to think about creating images that stick on a shoestring budget. To make the challenge more …

10+ Free Online Slideshow Resources for Lecturers and Communicators

I have delivered many conference presentations and guest lectures in the past, illness enough to realize that if one can have a slideshow with a twist (not the traditional click through powerpoint) half of the job of capturing the attention of the audience is done (of course, hepatitis this still requires a good presentation concept …

Olympic ad

I found this ad today after jumping from one blog to another. It is the first of four such ads that TWBAChina and Stink created for Adidas and the 2008 Olympic Games. You can find here and here two slightly different versions of the same concept which heavily emphasizes the support of the great/ numerous Chinese people. Interesting!