Future of PR/Comms study coverage

Earlier this year, the PRCA with the entire Future of PR/Comms and their Social Impact research collective have launched the reports of the study in English and Spanish. Since then colleagues have made great efforts to promote the study and facilitate conversations around its findings.

The preliminary results of the study have been presented at PRCA UK’s “Where practice meets academia” event in May 2023, at EACD’s Summit in Brussels and at AMEC’s Global Summit in Miami.

The study was presented either by myself or other colleagues:

  • In the Brain it Forward podcast hosted by Ana Maria Diceanu with a focus on measurement and evaluation
  • In a thought leadership article in IRPA’s series
  • At the conference hosted by the Universidad Casa Grande
  • To the Asociación Uruguaya de Comunicación Organizacional
  • At the Voces Unidas conference hosted on the Inter-American Public Relations Day of the Facultad de Comunicación Universidad de Medellín organized by the PR MA Degree students in collaboration with the Universidad del Norte.
  • At BledCom 2023 in July as part of a panel discussion on international collaborations
  • At the Kommunikations Kongress 2023 in Berlin in September
  • At the World PR Forum in Chennai in September
  • At the Strategic Communication Conference organized by the University of Johannesburg in South Africa in September
  • At the ALARCAURP meeting as part of a panel conversation about the future of PR education
  • At the ANZCA conference at the University of Wellington in New Zealand in November
  • The ICCO 2023 Global Summit in Warsaw in November (with a review from Ruepoint)

Finally, the news of the study release has been picked up and/or discussed by:

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