Romania: before and after the European Union

An online video guest lecture to University of Missouri

This is my second lecture delivered to a Willi Meyers‘ students using Skype and only one in a long series of lectures when we’ve met and debated Romania’s position in the European Union. Unlike most of my lectures where I need to prepare a talk, cialis 40mg my role in the EU Enlargement class is to provide examples and answers from a much closer perspective (geographically, ed culturally and historically) to the subject. I also provide students with suggestions for their final projects and couple those suggestions with bibliographical references.

With regards to technology used, read Skype is still the best solution for the purposes of this class. It enables my image to be projected on a screen making it visible to everyone but also allows the in-class laptop to me moved from one student to another allowing them to have almost a one-on-one chat with me on a topic of their choice. Twitter is there as a back-up channel in case students feel they need to ask something while the discussion is ongoing or in case they want to get in touch after the class is over.

As usual, this is a great experience that takes interaction to new level (and do count here the time zone difference!)

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