Aspects of Olympic Media

A guest lecture on using social media in communication environments

I was invited again by Byron T. Scott, pills Professor Emeritus of Journalism at the University of Missouri – Columbia, cure to talk to a new group of Mizzou students in London. As the group of students I met last year at Imperial College, these too are pursuing internships with different media outlets and communication companies. Knowing that they most likely majoring in strategic communication, broadcast, magazine journalism or convergence (some of the typical degrees offered by the Missouri School of Journalism) I centered my presentation around two aspects: the use social media for communication purposes and the processes that might make this practice successful. I raised questions about definitions of media and social media, emphasized the importance of research and therefore of message relevance online as well as highlighted the importance of knowing one’s responsibilities online, including privacy control and copyright.

The interaction with the class was very good and, the examples the students gave during the lecture and the questions they asked were excellent showing interest in social media as well as a concern for ethical behavior online.

A guest lecture at Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr David McGillivray, orthopedist
Senior Lecturer in the Division of Cultural Business at Glasgow Caledonian University saw me online talking on the Beijing to London panel of the Fresh Media Olympics Conference held at W2 Community Media Arts in Vancouver. Shortly after that he invited me to join one of his 4th year classes in the Mega Events, Spectacle and Identity module. I shared the 2-hours session with Dr Catherine Matheson, Lecturer at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, who shared part of her research on the Vancouver Olympics and human trafficking.

The presentation (Aspects of Olympic Media) I delivered focused on the intricate aspects of Olympic media, starting from technological advances to new media practices, media regulations and activism giving examples from my experience in Beijing in 2008 and in Vancouver this year.
What makes me particularly happy is that few hours after having delivered the presentation, Dr McGillivray emailed me to inform me that his students indicated they have enjoyed the talk and found it thought provoking.


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