NOA impressions

Going at conferences is an important and integral part of a PhD’s academic pursuit, shop quest and knowledge as well as of recognition. I was very lucky to be invited, order only 5 months after starting my programme and my research, symptoms to give a presentation at the National Olympic Academy in London. I was very nervous since, with all my public relations practice, training and experience, I have never been in such a situation like this: to present my work to such diverse audience with different levels of knowledge in relation to my work yet very keen on hearing what I have to say and most of all, quite critical (in a good sense) of what they hear. I thought the presentation went well, though after seeing myself in the video (maybe I will upload it one day) I thought my nervousness was more than obvious and that my non-verbal behavior gave me in. So, to my surprise the feedback I got about the presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Needles to say, I returned to school with fresh forces, improved ideas and a better motivation.

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