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Adi, A., Gerodimos, R., and Lilleker, D. (November 2016) ‘Yes We Vote’. Civic Mobilisation and Impulsive Engagement on Instagram During the 2014 Romanian Election. ECREA 2016. Prague, Czech Republic.

Adi, A., Crisan, C., and Dinca, R. (October 2015) And then a hero comes along – Empowerment storytelling and its powerful brand impact. Strategica International Academic Conference. Faculty of Management, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania.

Adi, A. (September 2015) #publicrelations on Twitter: pushers, talkers, influencers on spamming PR and job hunting. Qualitative Research in Communication 2015. National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania.

Adi, A., Gerodimos, R. and Lilleker, D. (June 2015) Visualising Discourse: Civic mobilisation on Instagram during the 2014 Romanian Presidential elections. Political Discourse: Multidisciplinary Approaches, 26-27 June 2015, University College London, UK.

Cheregi, B. & Adi, A. ( July 2015) The Visual Framing of Romanian migrants in the national press. A social semiotic approachUnderstanding Transition III, Technique and technology in social and intercultural practices.1-3 July 2015, Bucharest, Romania.

Adi, A. & Hobby, N. (November 2013) Social media in higher education. Social Media in Higher Education. 1st Corporate and Marketing Communications in Asia Conference. Bangkok, Thailand.

Adi, A. & Grigore, G. (November 2013) Digital reflections of pharmaceutical companies and their CSR communication strategies. 2nd International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainable Business 2013. Bournemouth, UK.

Lilleker, D. G., A. Adi, and K. Erickson (June 2013) Lords-a-tweeting, Lords-a-networking: analysing the behavior and impact of Labour Party Peers in the UK House of Lords, Political Communication Research Section session: PANEL: The public sphere in the networked media ecology: Intermedia agenda setting between traditional media and social media.
Adi, A., Erickson, K. & Lilleker, D. (April, 2013) Elite Tweets: Analysing the Twitter communication patterns of Labour Party Peers in the House of Lords. Twitter and Microblogging: Political, Professional and Personal Practices. Lancaster, UK.
Adi, A. & Grigore, G. (November 2012) Pfizer’s social media uses in Europe. MediAsia 2012. Osaka, Japan.
Adi, A. (September 2012) Bringing Practice into the Classroom: the evolution of a social media audit exercise. Media Education Summit 2012. Bournemouth, UK.

Adi, A. (March 2012) Social Media Tools for Internal Communication. Internal Social Media. Bucharest, Romania.

Adi, A. (October 2011) Keynote Speech: Social Media Communication Strategy for Interfaith Dialogue9th Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue. Doha, Qatar.

Adi, A. (October 2011) Research (with/of New Media) at the confluence of business and academia1st Bahrain Tripartite Business Research Conference, Salmabad, Bahrain.

Adi, A. (October 2010) Framing the Beijing 2008 Olympics: Human Rights, Advocacy Groups, International Media and the Online public, ECREA 2010, Hamburg, Germany.

Jones, J. & Adi, A. (October 2010) The Twitter Olympics – Stories from the Closing Ceremony told by Athletes, Media and Activists, ECREA 2010, Hamburg, Germany.

Adi, A. (June 2010) The Fundamental Principles of Olympism – a mechanism for human rights promotion, Power Of Sport Summit, International Sport For Development And Peace Association (ISDPA), Boston, Massachusets,USA.

Adi, A. (June 2010) Framing of the Beijing Olympics – sources, UK media and the public –, MeCCSA, Glasgow, UK.

Adi, A. & Miah, A. (February 2010) The Olympic Games and the legacy of Olympic protests. Third International Sport Business Symposium. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Miah, A., Jones, J. & Adi, A. (February 2010) The Olympic Games and Web 3.0: Monetizing the Olympic Movement’s Digital Assets. Third International Sport Business Symposium. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Adi, A. (June 2009) A Framing Battle: Human Rights and the Beijing Olympics. Presented at Play the Game 2009. Coventry, UK.

Miah, A., & Adi, A. (2009) Centre of the Online Universe ‘Liverpool08′ European Capital of Culture, an Impacts 08 project, Presented at What do you get if you cross social technology systems with a) arts engagement & b) health?, Liverpool, UK.

Adi, A. (November 2008) 3D Online Reputation. Social, personal and corporate reputation on Netlog, Presented at ICT Lyon 2008, Lyon, France.

Miah, A., Adi, A., Garcia, B., Krug, K., Scales, R., Whannel, G., and Zhuihui, T. (August 2008) Panel Debate: New Media at the Beijing Olympic Games. Panel Debate presented at the Pathways: Critiques and Discourse in Olympic Research – Ninth International Symposium for Olympic Research, Beijing, China.

Adi, A. (July 2008) (New!) Media and the Olympic Movement, International Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece.

Adi, A. and Miah, A.(June 2008) Framing Beijing’s Olympic Bid: Human Rights Advocacy Groups and International Media. Changes and Challenges. China Media Today, London, UK.

Adi, A. (March 2008) Framing China’s Olympic Games. National Olympic Academy. London, UK.

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