ISDPA Power of Sport Summit – Innovation and New Media

Even before I was accepted to deliver a presentation as part of the works of the summit, hygiene Eli A. Wolff and I have been in touch discussing on several occasions my views on the need of making events of the scope and role of the ISDPA summit available to people who for several

reasons, viagra sometimes financial, sometimes schedule-related, would like but cannot attend in person. I have suggested then considering accepting virtual presentations the real trigger behind my suggestion being my need of a visa to travel to the US and my uncertainty of whether I would obtain it. Furthermore, having used, applied and combined a series of online free platforms I felt I could make a strong case and come up with good recommendations towards making this possible while also advising them on the risk of embarking on such route.

The organizers have embraced by suggestions and delivered today a great mix of traditional in-the-room deliveries with virtual contacts, live blogging in the form of comments registered on each break-out session and live-streaming from the main panels. In achieving this they used a mix of free to use platforms such as TokBox to bring remote speakers and participants in the sessions with university held web-streaming solutions to enable live interaction but also archival of the main session. Thanks to the support of a number of very active and dedicated interns this mix of traditional and new media technologies was smoothly implemented, in fact making the delivery so good that many of the participants didn’t even realize the complexity, preparation and coordination necessary to prepare such an event.

Congratulations to the organizers. I am happy and honored that my experience and input helped achieve the results seen today!


On June 11, 2010 I was scheduled to deliver my presentation on The Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter as a mechanism for human rights promotion. Since the ISDPA Power of Sport Summit has scheduled a lot of parallel sessions and the ones on Olympism were receiving just small numbers of listeners and since I knew a number of scholars and academics that would have liked to hear the sessions we livestreamed the session and publicized it via Twitter and Facebook as well.  We received several good comments on the quality of the audio and video, remarkable taking into account that we just tapped into the wi-fi network of Northeaster University and were streaming from our computers.

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