Future of PR special edition – OUT NOW!


10 months ago Thomas Stoeckle and I were launching the call for papers for the special edition of ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies focusing on the future of PR. We were in the mid-pandemic. The edition is now complete and available to read, download, share and discuss.

It features 7 articles authored by contributors from Australia to South Africa, from Germany to Brazil and the USA, observing, commenting, and thinking about the future of PR and communications in practical and theoretical terms or both.

If you want to get involved with similar research or would like to have a discussion around these topics within your own department, get in touch!

Also, many thanks for the editors and team at Essachess for the invitation, opportunity and support throughout the process!

Future of Communications and Public Relations (PR). (Re)Imagining the Role, Function and Purpose of the Communication Profession Ana ADI, Thomas STOECKLEPDF 7-14
The Resurrection of Modernistic Public Relations – a Metamodern Perspective Irma MEYERPDF 15-36
Les Relations Publiques au carrefour des tensions démocratiques de reconnaissance et justice Ângela Cristina SALGUEIRO MARQUES, Rennan MAFRA, Luis Mauro SA MARTINOPDF 37-64
A ‘Macro’ View of Strategic Communication Management: Beyond ‘Siloes’, Dominant Paradigms, and Pandemics Jim MACNAMARAPDF 65-91
The Future of Public Relations as an Organizational Challenge: Topic-Oriented Control, Strategic Integration and Agile Organization in the PR Newsroom René SEIDENGLANZPDF 93-113
Désambiguïsation du concept d’astroturfing et typologie de tactiques astroturfs Brieuc LITSPDF 115-136
The role of the Global Capability Framework within the Strategic Communication profession in an emerging Post COVID19 context: a South African perspective Dalien Rene BENECKE, Clarissa MUIR, Deidré PORTHEN, Helena VAN WYC, Neeltje DU PLESSISPDF 137-159
Running Against the Tide: Educating Future Public Relations and Communications Professionals In the Age of Neoliberalism Marina VUJNOVIC, Dean KRUCKEBERG

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