China & the world: focus on social media


While in Beijing I had the opportunity to deliver 2 guest lectures to students pursuing courses in journalism, viagra 60mg
mass media and communication at two of the most prestigious universities in town: CUC (Communication University of China, discount
ranked no 1 communication university in China) and BTBU (Beijing Technology and Business University, epilepsy
among the top city universities in Beijing, financed by the Beijing municipality – they have also prepared a very nice poster to advertise my talk).

Ana Adi bio ChineseI was asked to choose a topic close to my specialism which proved to be a great opportunity for me to revisit the Chinese social media landscape. While I focused on the principles of communication in a connected environment and stressed on the need to acknowledge the function, objectives and role of social media for communication, the talks enabled to me to show that the Chinese social media landscape while culturally and linguistically appropriate for China, function on similar principles as the social media outlets we have access to in Europe. However, the difference that China provides is that mainstream media continues to be more popular and more powerful, one of the reasons for that being the still lower internet penetration rate in the country  (this is bound to change in the years to come as both online and mobile media continue to grown rapidly in China).

During as well as the end of the lectures I have received numerous questions from the students many of them related to the strategic use of social media for communication indicating that there is a lot of commonality in interest with the students I teach here.

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