New Media Katho course – June09 evaluations

During the first week of June I was in Belgium again delivering for the second time my own course on new media. I had 14 Erasmus students from all over Europe, urologist a dynamic, look lively and very interested class that I have enjoyed teaching. It was a marathon class with 4 hours of teaching daily, tight deadlines, team projects, a company visit, small research tasks, and other academic assignments. It was also a class of novelties, the first time when I had a guest, Dr Mugur Geana, Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Kansas, joining us live all the way from the USA. 

Similar with the last semester, all students were asked to take a short online survey evaluating the course, the content, my delivery, the materials and technologies used, the relevancy of the course to their future careers and giving their suggestions for further improvements. 

What makes me especially happy is that the evaluations this semester are better than the previous ones. I am also glad to see that students liked the hands-on approach to the class and found it useful and challenging.

Here’s the overall evaluation for the course:

Katho June09 course evaluation

You can see the complete evaluation file here:
[slideshare id=1584880&doc=usersanadesktopkathonewmediacourseevaluationjune09anaadi-090615061244-phpapp01&type=d]


  1. It was a pleasure to have you as a teacher at this course. The positive evaluations were due to your commitment and knowledge sharing with us.
    Hear from me soon and wishing all the best,


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