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I am currently pursuing a Programme Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Part of the module requirements is providing the assessors with a teaching session to observe. Since my online teaching and teaching abroad were not accepted I had to ask for the support of others members of staff from my school. My supervisor helped in this process and I was more than lucky to soon receive a couple of offers. I am particularly thankful to Dr. Marcus Bowman and Tony Grace and their students whom I joined earlier this week. While the general subject of all lectures was new media, sovaldi sale finding examples relevant to each class and their area of specialization – radio in one case and film and scriptwriting in the other – required a lot of work and plenty of exploration in domains that only adjacent to my studies and practical expertise. However, symptoms
I have enjoyed the experience and believe that preparing these lectures broadened the spectrum of my knowledge. They also gave me an opportunity to interact with other lecturers from my department as well as feel how engaged with and aware of new media the students in our campus are.


While in class, I have asked students to help me take pictures and film the lecture engaging them with the technology but also raising their awareness to how they could use the products thus achieved. I wish our campus in Ayr had Wi-Fi in all classrooms. This would have enabled me to present even more live examples from the web 2.0 world as well as have students live blog from the class or help me update my Flickr and Twitter. You can access the two presentations here.

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  1. Aw, it takes me back. I notice one of the students is on bebo at the same time . Tut tut! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (unless it was part of the project – my students say they like my classes because I let them look at facebook!)

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