PgCert Research Methods

PgCert Research Methods There’s a Research Certificate Methods course offered by the Business School here at the university which seems to me, anabolics after the first introductory class, like a one-year-research-crash-course helping participants understand the requirements of research, get into the research mindset and compare and contrast and eventually use the different methods out there. The class is very dynamic and the people taking it come from varied backgrounds: IT, business, law, nursing etc. some being professionals interested in research, some students at different stages in their post-graduate careers.  

Today is the second day of class, so a list of readings was already given. The most important of them (if judging after its first position on the list) is Philips & Pugh’s handbook “How to get a PhD: a handbook for students and their supervisors”. I have to admit that it is an interesting lecture (as in reading) stressing the fact that the European PhD program is the candidate’s own responsibility, the success depending on each one’s commitment and enthusiasm as well as on the final contribution to knowledge one would bring. 

Besides the fact that the class/certificate is a good way of meeting other researchers, it is also a great opportunity for someone who studied abroad to have the British/Scottish research and writing standards explained and expectations shown.    

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