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Visualization tools – update 2 

Animoto is to me a prettier and more dynamic slideshow. However, buy unlike a regular slideshow, Animoto offers plenty of integration choices when it comes to obtaining content, musical background or sharing it with other people. As such photos and videos can be uploaded from…

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Job hunting 2.0 

An online video guest lecture at Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen in Belgium. I had the pleasure to give a lecture yesterday to students taking PR courses at HKM in Mechelen focusing on how students could use web 2.0 in their job hunt. The aim was to…

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#smcedu – Social Media Education Chat 2 

A week ago, skincare on Monday, discount November 9, hospital 2009 the Social Media Education Club organized their first twitter chat on social media education. Last week the questions asked were about measuring success of social media in education, developing the quality of social media…