PR: post-crisis measurement

GMP PR Romania has organised their second international conference dedicated to PR measurement. I was invited to join them again (I was thrilled but they say I have done a good job the first time around) and my brief was to talk about what should PR practitioners measure after a crisis.

Like with the PROI talk, my argument was that in the aftermath of a crisis the focus on the PR practitioner should be on reputation and trust (after of course all the elements pertaining to the crisis have been addressed – such as delivering whatever was promised to those to whom it was promised and thinking of the lessons learned from the management of the crisis).

To assess the effects on reputation, the RepTrack model is a good point to start, considering how its dimensions link to measurement of PR outtakes and outputs.

To assess trust, the Institute for Public Relations makes available to extremely valuable guidelines form Hon and Grunig (1999) and Grunig (2002).

My prezi from the day is embedded below:

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