New publication: ‘PESO’ media strategy shifts to ‘SOEP’

The first academic article reflecting on the results from the first Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor research which I coordinated last year has been now published. Published with Jim Macnamara, unhealthy  May Lwin and Ansgar Zerfass in Public Relations Review, the article reveals a major shift from the traditional PESO model of media use by organizations (paid, earned, shared, owned) to an emerging SOEP model (shared, owned, earned, paid). This affords new opportunities for practitioners, but also poses practical and ethical dilemmas.

Here are the article highlights as available on PR Review:

  • The traditional focus on ‘paid, earned, and owned’ media is changing with growing resistance to advertising and growth in social media.
  • In the next three years, shared media (e.g., social media) and owned media are expected to be most important, according to a practitioners survey.
  • However, new forms of ‘owned’ media, including sponsored content and ‘native advertising’ pose ethical questions and dilemmas.
  • Research suggests that expanded codes of ethics, reflexivity among practitioners, and further research are needed.

The entire article can be found in Public Relations Review.

The citation is here:

Macnamara, J., Lwin, M., Adi, A., & Zerfass, A. (2016). ‘PESO’media strategy shifts to ‘SOEP’: Opportunities and ethical dilemmas. Public Relations Review. doi:10.1016/j.pubrev.2016.03.001

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