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On the 18th of November I was invited by the Dorset Growth Hub and the Centre For Entrepreneurship at Bournemouth University to join their Get Connected event and speak on one of my favorite topics – social media strategy and management – to business owners and entrepreneurs from Dorset. Thank you both for the invitation!

Organized as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week across Dorset, site my talk followed Dr Chris Chapleo’s introduction to branding and brand strategy and was meant to give participants not only some food for thought but also with some quick tips about how to approach digital media.

These were:

  1. Social media is just another channel so make sure that your marketing/communication strategy online makes sense and completed your offline strategy
  2. The social media landscape is very cluttered so choose carefully. You do not have to be everywhere, only where it makes sense to you, your business and your target audience.
  3. Be smart and plan ahead (this means that you create a content calendar, use a sharing/scheduling platform and monitor what you do)
  4. Your job is not over when you posted something. Keep an eye on how people react to what you posted (keen an eye on your competitors too for that matter). Revise if and when necessary.

The slides are below. More information on similar talks and tips can be found here  and on the DCSBU blog.

I also mentioned some tools for you to keep in mind. These are Bufferapp and Followerwonk (or Hootsuite), Twitter Analytics, Google Trends, Topsy and Facebook Insights.

A final note: I have to admit that I was delighted to see Thomas Adamson and Pineapple Moon Events among the participants and hear their stories about their growth and journeys of social media discovery. Thank you for dropping by again and for the good news you shared!

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