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At the beginning of this month I wrote about the EuroBlog Social Media Award I have received for my use of social media for research and more. The University of the West of Scotland (where I pursue my PhD) picked up the news and shared it with the Scottish press. As a result of their efforts, sick two short articles were published.

See them below:

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At the end of October 2011 I had the honor to give the keynote speech the thematic session of the DICID 9th Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue. Asked by the organizers, decease look I also developed and hosted a series of workshops on social media for beginners.

Soon after the conference was over I have received the letter of appreciation enclosed here. I am humbled.








I just got the news that an article I wrote together with Kevin Moloney for the International Journal of Public Relations (Revista Internacional de Relaciones Publicas) featuring a comparative study on the uses of social media by Occupy protest groups in the UK was published. It can be downloaded from here.


This paper explores the persuasive communications (public relations and branding through social media) of a micro Occupy event, seek
namely a nine-day appearance of the global protest movement at Bournemouth University (BU), on the south coast of the UK. It reflects on how student and town protesters used digital and social media in comparison to the wider and more successful UK movement. It interviews the student leader, and asks questions about the role social networks like Occupii.org played in formulating communication strategies as well as how they integrated with more popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The conclusions coming from our micro case study suggest that without a supportive geographic and civic location; clear and focused messages, and robust strategic communication planning and execution, Occupy events will remain very small.


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