The Growth of Social Media – Infographic


I am working on a keynote address that will touch among others on the rise and impact of social media as a medium for communication that I have to deliver at a conference next month (details to follow later, heart I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet). To make my keynote more attractive and my points more visual, esophagitis I’ve been searching for inforaphics to support the numbers and facts that I want to mention: that Facebook is really big but that there are other social networks as well, rheumatologist that countries display different patterns of usage of social media and that there are differences in preferences for a platform or another and so on.

Of all the infographics I found today and collected throughout the past years (see here), I think this is one of the best (seen on the Search Engine Journal). Not only does it have recent data, but it puts it together in a very easy to understand format.

It makes it easier to see amazing things like:

  • The 50-64 age group has recorded the sharpest growth in using social networks from December 2010 to May 2010
  • Facebook’s growth is phenomenal and surpasses by far all its competitors
  • Compared to last year, although Twitter gained only 26% more users, its users have been tweeting almost 3 times as much (250%+). I wonder what they are saying?
  • Out of the companies that use social media (80% they say – I wonder where they got this data) 95% are using LinkedIn.
  • Companies embraced Facebook, Twitter and blogs – makes sense when think that most social media strategies recommend these environments.
  • Of all the world (apart from where there’s no data…), Brazil, Russia and China are the only countries where Facebook is not the leading social network. I wonder for how long?
Good data, good visuals, loads of questions… Most of them related to how can we protect ourselves and our privacy when everyone will be on Facebook? How will such a big network address cultural differences and sensitivities. Who will regulate Facebook (it applies to Twitter as well) – which country’s legislation? Would Facebook be a new form of citizenship?

The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic
Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

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