ISDPA Power of Sport Summit – Olympism sessions

There were two Olympism sessions at the ISDPA Power of Sport Summit touching mainly on two major topics: youth (as in the Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Education) and Human Rights (as in the Charter as a human rights promotion mechanism and one on the Olympic Truce). To them Dr Mary Hums’ presentation on a proposed Human Rights in Sport Checklist needs to be added. Very interesting information was brought forward in the sessions such as Dr Emese Ivan’s budgets of the Youth Olympic Games candidate cities and her queries about the selection, rheumatologist preparation process and role of the Youth Olympic Games within the bigger Olympic picture.

While the first session saw Dr Nelson Schneider Todt joining us via Tokbox all the way from Brazil, the session where I delivered my presentation was livestreamed. The stream below contains my presentation followed by the one delivered by Cindy Burleson from the International Sibling Society. It also feature a brief debate on the future possible implementations of the Olympic Truce. I will be probably blogging on this topic on another occasion.

My presentation is below. Cindy Burleson’s presentation can be found here.

[slideshare id=4474916&doc=fundamentalprinciplesofolympism-100611120641-phpapp01]

Also below is a short interview I’ve done with Dr Mary Hums from the University of Louisville and a Sport in Society Fellow on the main points of her paper. We tried to livestream Dr Hums’ presentation and did successfully so but only with video and not with sound. I will update this post once manage to get Dr Hums’ powerpoint together with her proposed checklist. Notes from Dr Hums’ talk can be found on the ISDPA blog.

The recording of the livestreams are below and also in the widget on the left.

Live Show Fri Jun 11 2010 10:52:20 AM on anaadi – live streaming video powered by Livestream (my presentation)

Live Show Fri Jun 11 2010 08:49:05 PM on anaadi – live streaming video powered by Livestream (Mary Hums)

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