3rd International Business Sport Symposium

On February 19th, adiposity together with my supervisor Andy Miah and my PhD colleague Jennifer Jones, thumb I have attended the 3rd International Sport Business Symposium organized by UBC and the Johannes Guttenberg University of Mainz.  The symposium brought olympic academics, IOC members and sports practitioners in the same room enabling a fruitful conversation after each session.

Photo by Andy Miah

I also delivered one presentation about the legacy of olympic prostest and their typology and have been a co-author of the Web 3.0 presentation on monetizing the Olympic Movement’s assets. One of the points I made in my presentation is that since 2000, activism has been a reflection of the increasing expectations for corporate social responsibility. I argued that the internet therefore provided an alternative medium for communication enabling direct, fast and easy contact among activists as well as a way of evading traditional media. However, I also suggested that in order to gain visibility and thus be able to further their causes and lead to social change, activist groups still heavily rely on traditional media attention and coverage. With this need for coverage comes strategic thinking and planning of events and communications. I concluded with questioning the impact and relevance of Olympic protests and suggested that instead of talking about one legacy of olympic protests maybe we should think  of and observe a variety of legacies such local, regional, political, cultural, sporting, dialogue and so on.

[slideshare id=3260880&doc=legacyofolympicprotests-100223173535-phpapp02]

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