On the 16th of February, pulmonologist my PhD Colleague Jennifer Jones and I were invited in our quality of staff writers of Culture @ the Olympics to join an International Journalism Panel on CKNW News Talk Radio here in Vancouver  discussing how journalists from across the world are covering the Olympics.We joined Jill Bennett and her other guests, price John Crumpacker of San Francisco Chronicle and Florian Zut of Swiss National Television. During the one-hour show we talked about our presence in Vancouver, and the other’s journalists coverage of the Games, culture at the Olympics and the relation and differences between traditional media and citizen journalists.

You can listen to the show here.
I found out yesterday, about it
on a very short notice, shop
that I was due to speak in a panel at the Fresh Media Olympics Conference held at W2 Community Media Arts in Vancouver. The panel was moderated by Hanna Cho (@hannerl on Twitter), researcher at Canada Pacific, the panel discussed the changes in the media landscapes from Beijing to London as well as the rhetoric surrounding each Games. Three of the panelists joined the conference via Skype. They were:

  • Maggie Rauch (@maggierauch on Twitter), sports journalist based in Beijing
  • Adam Minter (@adamminter on Twitter), an American writer based in Shanghai, and
  • Dr Greg Elmer (@greg_elmer on Twitter) Chair of Global Media Research and associate professor of Communication and Culture and Radio TV Arts at Ryerson University, and Director of the Infoscape Research Lab.

Kris Krug, photographer, web strategist and creative director  (@kk on Twitter) and I were sharing the couch.

During an hour and a half, all the panelist shared their views on, personal experiences and expectations from the Games, while also taking questions from the audience.

The video is here.

The Fresh Media Olympic Conference was opened with a keynote address with a twist given by Professor Andy Miah and continued with a parallel session on Harnessing the Media to Activate Citizens, where my PhD colleague Jennifer Jones was among the speakers.

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