#smcedu – Social Media Education Chat 3

Yong C Lee, recipe the organizer of the weekly Social Media Education Chat on twitter has invited me today to talk about my Katho New Media class. Since it’s only a couple of days since the course resumed and the official course evaluation was not yet sent to the students, price I was honored by such an invitation. To bring in something new and make the chat more dynamic, Yong C Lee and I connected via TokBox and shared the URL of our chat on Twitter.

Unfortunately, our connection was really poor and our video call was constantly dropped. This makes me think that using TokBox for cross-Atlantic conversations has more technical challenges than when utilizing it from within the same continent. Nevertheless, our connection, even brief, emphasized once again TokBox’s versatility.

The questions I received were about the differences I make between new media and social media, my approach of the subjects during class, the students’ assignments, their response to the course.

I thank again SMCEDU for having me as their guest today! It feels great to know that what I do with this course is perceived as inspiring and ground-breaking.


  1. Of course it is innovative! Not everyone would be able to do this at a university and have such a great response from students. I’m constantly trying to think of new ways to incorporate new media and social media into the classroom for my students with the Semester in Washington Journalism Program. Because we deal specifically we media and journalism, its important to be able to bring technology and media into the classroom. I hope to show your course to my director and perhaps someday I’ll be able to use technology in a phenomenal way like you have with this course! Cheers!

  2. It was a pleasure chatting with you, Ana, sorry the connection was so poor!

    It’s great that you’re able to do new things w/ so much acceptance, I’d love to hear more about your class and the work students are doing in it. New media looks promising, I’m actually looking at some grad programs here in the States but, as it is a newer subject, have a hard time finding many. Hope we can stay in touch so we can learn more from/about your class, thanks for your contribution to SMCEDU!

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