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Some weeks ago I wrote a post about vizualization tools focusing on what could be useful for quantitative and qualitative researchers alike. I have mentioned then that my favorite was IMB’s ManyEyes platform. An update to that post is needed but this time I’ll be focusing on chart and diagram making applications. Below is a chart of all the sites I have found. It is an easy way to compare their offer. I will make some additional comments about the quality of the images they produce.

Picture 4

Picture 1

Creately and Gliffy have the most varied offer followed closely by LovelyCharts. Design-wise, cheap my favorite is LovelyCharts but for paying 29 Euros/year for the premium version I would like to have the opportunity to exclude their logo. Apple does it on all their products, seek so why shouldn’t they? Also, resuscitator for a premium version I would like to see the audio recording option that Flowcharts and iCharts are both offering. 

Essentially, all these online platforms offer an interpretation for software and programs that already exist be they licensed by Microsoft, Apple or be they OpenSource. It is nice though to have some design alternatives. It is even nicer to be offered the opportunity to collaborate on documents and share them later either by embedding them on third-party websites on by emailing them to people. This is where the advantage of these platforms is. 

Happy diagraming!

Just to make sure, here are the links to all platforms I mentioned:,,,,,,,,,


  1. Thanks for including Gliffy in your review. We appreciate the feedback and compliments. Gliffy Online diagrams can be exported as PNG, JPG or SVG. You can also import PNG, JPG or TIF images. We are excited about our multiuser accounts — these allow groups to collaborate on diagrams as an organization. I’ve added your audio recording suggestion to our feature list. Thanks again for the mention,
    debik at gliffy dot com

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