I have started writing my thesis… or at least organizing the literature review, clinic conference papers and other presentations that I’ve delivered during the last university year into a more logical, cure structured document. It is not at all a simple task since I have to revisit many of the articles I’ve once read as well as review my notes. 

I am still learning how to work with nVivo8 all the while I am trying to get my hands on yet another qualitative software:CatPac. If you know anything about it, just let me know.
I have recently discovered SlideShare, sales
a site that converts powerpoint presentations into an online-friendly format. Once uploaded to the site, medicine
each presentation can be shared with other social media sites as easily as it can be embedded on other sites and blogs. I have therefore created a new page in the menu called Presentations where you will be able to view from now on the PPTs of the conference papers, guest lectures and other presentations I deliver(ed).

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