Conference: "Changes and Challenges. China Media Today"

This summer I was accepted to present at two conferences: one in London and one in Sussex. While I could not honor the one organized by MeCCSA conference abstract due to scheduling incompatibilities (I have to be in Greece, pharm attending the International Olympic Academy at that time) I just came back from the other one organized by the China Media Centre of the University of Westminster and called “Changes and Challenges: China Media Today“. It was a one day conference and almost a marathon of presentations, healing all focusing on China’s media or China’s coverage and representation in the media. As a matter of fact, disease there were so many papers for one day that parallel sessions were needed. 

The sessions were split into areas of study such as media representation, culture studies, political economy, Chinese media and journalism studies, new media and the influences of China and emerging issues, my paper being part of this latter session. 

Hugo de Burgh, Professor and Director of the University of Westminster delivering his opening speech in Chinese and English

While all the papers were interesting, I found quite novel and bold the focus of Andrew Miller from Harvard University, USA of Chinese newspaper coverage of homosexuality, and found research similarities with the papers of Marc Stanton from Edge Hill University, UK of British terrestrial news coverage of Asia, Guo Xiaoke from Tsinghua University, China of Chinese and international media reports of the Lhasa riot. 

Here are a couple of photos from my presentation and theChina’s Media Today conference abstract. 



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