"strange but true"

UWS logoAt the end of November, the University of Paisley changed name, identity and therefore logo and image. I am now a student of the University of the West of Scotland. I for one am happier with the new name and logo since it looks more professional, serious and important. Nevertheless, there are people (mainly Paisley inhabitants and fans) that do not agree with the change arguing that there’s a hundred or so years of history that will be forgotten. While I understand their worries, I have to disagree. The University grew due to the merger earlier this year (I think!) with Bell College in Hamilton, as a consequence the new name had to mark this expansion and the evolution of this institution.

I have quite a number of books from the library, all about the Olympics,
that I intend to read during the holiday. While I was skimming through one of them (GIFFORD, C. (2004) Olympics – The Definitive Guide to the Greatest Sports Celebration in the World, London, Kingfisher) I found this:  

 “Australian Henry Pearce was so dominant in the 1928 single sculls rowing event that he stopped to let a line of ducks pass, before continuing his rowing to win gold” (p. 76)


“Officials at the 1932 games lost count of the laps in the 3,000m steelplechase and forced the athletes to run a 3,400m-long race as a result” (p. 77)

 Which proves once again what a unique experience the Olympic Games are!

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