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Career update: Vice President appointment 

I have moved to Berlin at the end of 2014 joining the marvelous team at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences looking to combine practice with research, and consultancy with teaching. I brought with me my international experience, curiosity and desire to learn. There has never…

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In the Argentinian media 

Interview with Patricia Valli, Economics Editor from Perfil As I prepare for my keynote about the future of public relations and the lessons we should learn from the feminization of the profession, an interview I gave to the Argentinian national-circulation paper, Perfil, has been published….

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AI and (the future of) PR 

Earlier this year I have been interviewed by Inpuncto, the newsletter of PilotProjekt, about corporate communications and AI. This was right before the results of #PR2025 were released and after my contribution to AMEC’s Measurement Month on measuring VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality)…