Reports and Professional Publications


Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G.  (2017, eds.) #rezist – Romania’s 2017 anti-corruption protests: causes, development and implications. Quadriga Media/Quadriga University of Applied Sciences.

Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G. (2017) Romania`s resistance. The World Today, the Chatham House magazine

Adi, A. and Lilleker, D. G. (2017) Five Lessons in Effective Communication from the #Rezist Romanian Protests. Institute for PR.

Macnamara, J., Lwin, M. O., Adi, A., & Zerfass, A. (2015) Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor 2015/16. The state of strategic communication and public relations in a region of rapid growth. Survey results from 23 countries. Hong Kong: APACD.

Adi, A. & Lilleker, D. (2012) Getting the message out: Social media daily activity plan.

Adi, A. (2012) The Best Games Ever. Arete: IOAPA Newsletter.

Adi, A. (2012) Beijing: when humanitarian issues and Olympic values collide.

Adi, A. (2009) Olympic Humanitarianism. IOAPA Newsletter.

Miah, A., & Adi, A. (2009) Centre of the Online Universe ‘Liverpool08′ European Capital of Culture.

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