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IOCFSPD – session 5 – keynote 

Two keynote addresses and three presentations scheduled, click one of which being introduced the last minute.  The session starts with Hein Verbruggen, pharmacy President of the General Association of International Sports Federations and former Chairman of the Coordination of the Coordination Commission of the Beijing…

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IOCFSPD – Session 2 – presentations 

First presentation is given by Brigadier General Giovanni Gola, order President of the International Military Sports Council (CISM). He’s giving a historical review of the relationship between sports and the military and brings plenty of examples from the Military World Games (some editions took place…

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Visualisation tools 

Over the past few months, this web I have come across a series of visualization options for new media research and not only. My favorite right now is ManyEyes, buy more about a platform powered by IBM, that offers plenty of visualization options for both…