Corporate activism book (free download)

A collection of articles, research updates and solutions for a rising trend


One of 2019’s most prominent theme for PR/Comms was business with purpose, a new take and a mixture, it felt to me, between Kramer & Porter’s creating shared value (CSV) concept and Simon Sinek’s “start with why”. In a sense, the advice seems to be either “stay away from it if you don’t mean it” or ” beware that being true to your values might have undesired effects”.

So I wanted to find out what others make of it. Which is why, I have invited practitioners, former Quadriga University of Applied Sciences students, researchers and consultants to share their own views on the topic. This is how the Corporate Activism reader came about: more like a conversation starter and a place to find some answers on the topic.

It is a good resource for students wanting to explore the topic for the dissertations and a rather comprehensive summary for practitioners.

(If you’ve been following me, you know already that I have helped edit and produce a similar collection when the Romanian protests erupted in 2017).

Download it for free, share it with friends and do get back in touch if you have other ideas/materials.


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