I have recently shared some of my thoughts on how to succeed in academia was published on PhD Life, buy viagra a blog ran by Ana Kedves, website like this a second year PhD researcher at Research Exchange, page University of Warwick. It all started with a tweet seeking female academics to share their stories in a series of posts to be published in March, a month celebrating the International Women’s Day.

As the blog addresses students and researchers at the University of Warwick and beyond, I have decided to focus my post not on the problems, challenges and ills of academia but rather on the things I have done that have kept me on course with my PhD.

These were:

  • Go for more than the minimum
  • Plan ahead and play for your next step
  • Become your own communication specialist
  • Keep your passion alive
  • You are always “special” but play your “special” card strategically

The entire post is on Ana Adi’s PhD Life post.

What are your thoughts?

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