Crisis communication & contingency theory

A guest lecture to students following the Interactive Media Strategies (IMS) course at Bournemouth University

The 13th of February saw me start my day not with the usual DCS lecture but with a guest talk to a group of our MA students. My task was to speak about crisis communication and crisis management in a web 2.0 environment. While practice has provided us with plenty of examples – Cision has compiled a pretty good list – linking these #fails with theory isn’t always an easy task…especially when you are given less than an hour to do so.

While I focused mainly on the Nestle vs Greenpeace case, buy I introduced the group to the Contingency theory (Cancel et al, buy information pills 1997), approved some tools for social media monitoring and provided potential solutions to the case presented. The prezi is below and so is a list of related links.

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