One World Romania

These days the Czech Centre Bucharest with the help of volunteers and in partnership with One World Prague are organizing in Bucharest, ailment Romania a film festival showcasing more than 40 documentaries from 20 countries. The festival is centered around some thematical programs including globalization in actions, viagra 60mg quest of identity, health care dictatorships of the 21st century, women’s right and religious freedoms, and the rights and protection of children. The documentaries are going to be shown in 5 location across Bucharest, several debates being also scheduled. 

While films about East-European countries and their way of coping with post-communism are not a surprise, the film festival reaches out to countries and areas beyond the European borders (Cuba, China, Burma, USA or Venezuela).

You can read more about the festival here or follow closely the development of the event on the festival’s blog.

Finally, a word from the organizers (from their email notice): 

“We hope to provide a more complex and balanced information on the issue of human rights and offer the possibility of a better understanding of the importance and of the connections between foreign political and social themes. Furthermore, we wish to contribute in this way to the public debate on the role that Romanian citizens and Romania can and should have in a globally interconnected world, the world which we live in.

We wish that our initiative will find a good, open-minded public and the festival increases the degree of awareness at a social level, favoring the positive effects in the public life.”

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