new project on human rights

I have met Dr. Miah two weeks ago and he made me a very tempting and challenging offer: to work with him on an article about the Beijing Olympics, no rx China’s human rights issues and the way one impacts the other. I have already started reading several articles on the topic and realized that the Olympic Games are bringing a new dimension to this already delicate much discussed aspect of Chinese politics and policy. Besides the academic writings, which share an skeptical-optimistic tone, I have been also reading the latests news online as well several blogs that Google Alerts brought into my email box. Additionally, I have been watching some of the YouTube video posts on “human rights & China” together with their comments and went through the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports. As said, the topic is challenging and at a first look the users generated media does not fully share the optimistic view of the academia and the IOC. But more is to be read and more thinking to be done, before making an argument.

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