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PR2025 – future-proofing PR/Comms 

Download the full report here. During November 2018 and March 2019 I have been running a Delphi method study investigating the trends, competences, solutions and responsibilities for development for development for PR/Comms in the mid-term. It started off as a discussion and debate about communicators…

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My talks: a playlist 

I have figured that there are some recordings of my keynotes, talks and panels on YouTube so I have collated them in this playlist. Have fun watching (and ahem, if you are looking for a speaker, get in touch!).


How to evaluate VR and AR for PR 

AMEC’s Measurement Month has been incredibly busy, with loads of interesting events around the world, and some fantastic publications too. PRNews (usually focused on the North American communications market) had quite a full list dedicated to measurement, so needless to say, it feels fantastic to…